What a week! (revised)

I sent out a post over the weekend, and on revision I realise it was either negative or full of my own personal fears so I have revised it.
Long story short, I started a new job last Monday, by Wednesday we were testing the work from home system, by Thursday schools were closed and by Friday I feel and I am sure everyone else is too, that I am in limbo. Lots of concerns, lots of stress but hey, let’s look at the positives and try to help each other out.
Personally I know that I can and will do a great job in my new role. It may take some discipline to adjust to working from home but it is totally doable, even with a tiny human hanging off my leg and pulling at anything he can get his hands on. The main thing that I am taking away from this situation is that I get to spend extra time with my little munchkin and the best part; we don’t have to get out of our pyjamas if we don’t want to 🙂
This is going to be one long season!
While I am home, I also feel that if I am uber organised, I may possibly get some blogging done. Some useful family meals, Kid friendly baking, meal planning for when you are stuck at home, no waste meals for small families, and dishes that can be made with limited time and ingredients. If anyone would like to see anything in particular please message me and I will work on it.
I am really fortunate to know some great parents out there that have shared a few tips and websites with me. So I am going to share these now.
There is a lot of chatter out there about making schedules and having routine. I’m going to be honest, I am just not going to make a schedule. We will have routine but I won’t be saying ‘right it is 10am time for your ABC’s’. I will be trying to work as well as home alone with my son, there will be a lot of extra screen time and a lot of treats and bribes, this is totally fine. I am not perfect, this is just the situation and I will adapt as we go along. I am going to make a ‘TO DO’ list for each day. On it will be some craft projects, a Lego project, a cleaning task (like cleaning all regularly touched things for example light switches and door handles).  My little one loves to clean and help out. We will also bake and make meals together and of course some garden activity and exercise. Our list will be performed any time of the day when time permits.

lego plan

Here is a great idea for those little ones that love lego. Each day set them a new challenge. There also some great individuals on social media like @will_sliney who have set a daily drawing project and all you have to do is tag #wewilldraw and they share the drawings at the end of day. Nice little project. At the moment, Alexander isn’t really able to draw properly but we drew our interpretation of the virus.

A mamma friend shared this with me, I think it is great.

The Inspired Tree House , they believe that with a little help, kids can build strong, healthy bodies and minds through play, and feature easy-to implement activities that are designed to promote all kinds of developmental skills for kids. With great ideas for kids like their ‘400 therapist-approved activities for kids’ and their printable positive affirmation cards for kids.

There is so much out there, so much support between parents, just lean on your friends and they will share with you. My friends and I have set up a whatsapp group to give the kids virtual playdates together. It’s messy but the kids love seeing eachother.

Now if like here, you can’t get hand sanitiser or anti bacterial wipes, here is my recipe for a home made version. Yes I know the health officials say do no make your own sanitiser. Be mindful, it will not be as effective than the real stuff but what harm can it do? As long as you stick to the proper protocol of washing your hands, not touching your face and social distancing, I feel any type of sanitiser even if only 5% as effective as the shop bough stuff, it just has to better than literally nothing!

sanitiser ingredients


  • 200 ml 80-90% alcohol liquid such as rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit
  • 100 ml pure aloe vera gel
  • 30 drops of pure tea tree essential oil
  • 20 drops pure lavender essential oil
  • 1 tbsp Vitamin E oil or Almond oil


Mix together the alcohol based liquid and the tee tree and lavender, add the vitamin E (helps keep your hands protected) and then the aloe vera. Pour into a pump bottle. Keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. And that is it. As I said, better than nothing, and actually smells really nice. Plus it is green for Saint Patricks week added bonus!

We are all facing the same struggle. Let’s stick together x

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