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On the eve of your birthday I write to say

I love you my darling and miss you every day.

Tomorrow you turn 5, oh how I wish I could see your big blue eyes

as your open your special birthday surprise.

5 years without your smile, not hearing your laugh and without kissing you goodnight.

I crave to hear you say, like your brother does every day

” I love you mummy, let’s go play”

If I could visit you even for a day, just maybe the pain would go away.

I’d put my arms around you and tell you words so true,

that living life without you is the hardest thing I do.

I hate not knowing what exactly happens when we die,

But I like to believe that you are up high in the starry sky.

To the place where you are now,

with sweet tender love and care

Happy birthday darling girl,

sending you kisses way up there.