A new chapter!

I have officially been off the radar for quite some time. I don’t like to admit how long I have been inactive as I’m quite embarrassed by it. But this week I celebrate my first anniversary of my blog and I couldn’t let it go without a big HELLO and thank you to everyone that has followed my little blog and fueled my passion for sharing.

I have finally, with thanks to the lovely D, gotten a new computer this weekend and can now revive my blog once again. There is however another reason for my abscence.

For the last few months I have been busily building a baby. Yes yes we are finally pregnant!! My time has been filled with excited anticipation and a few nerves thrown in for good measure of course. I have allowed myself to indulge in pure relaxation (after work that is) and have been laying on the sofa and binge viewing my favourite television programmes. And something that I never thought could happen  was my lack of appetite and complete lack of motivation in the kitchen. I honestly don’t think I have touched a pot or pan for two months. I have been fairly lucky with regards to morning sickness and food aversions, not that I didn’t have any or still don’t but at least it wasn’t as bad as could be expected. With sickness and the first trimester under our belt already, now we have moved into the OH MY GOLLY GOSH, I’M GOING TO BE A MOTHER phase. I am a complete nervous wreck! I don’t know the first thing about being a mother, I don’t know how to change the clock on the oven, let alone a nappy. Last week I tried to do the smart thing and buy nappies in the sale, but I stood there looking blankly at the wall of choice and couldn’t choose a type. How do you know which ones to get? So I think I’ll leave the nappy buying alone for a little longer and concentrate on things we can do. So we bought the furniture for the nursury instead and assembled it. Nursury is a ready! One thing down, a million other little things to do…

And with the tiny little bit more energy I have back, I decided to jump back on the blog band waggon and try to coax myself back into the food world. Without going crazy, I decided to blog about something that I should have done a loooong time ago and has been playing on my mind since.

The lovely and talented Julianna from Foodie on Board nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award. Blogging isnt really about me as a person. It isn’t just about the food. It’s about being a part of a community of people who support and advise in many different ways and this nomination is an example of just that. I really appreciate each page visit, comment and always love a good old nomination. So a big thank you to Chef Julianna and everone else who likes, shares and enjoys my blog.


So  a few rules to follow to accept:

1.  Add the One Lovely Blog Award badge to your blog.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and inform them by commenting on their blog.

4.  Thank the person who nominated you

Seven little things about me:

  1. I like to be organised. I keep lists for everything, usually on my phone or diary but sometimes on random bits of paper which I leave laying around the house which drives D nuts. But ask me where the television remote is, I wouldn’t have a clue despite being the last person to use it.
  2. I love the the game of Monopoly. I feel sorry for our unborn child as when the time comes and she/he is old enough to play, they are going to have one very competative mummy.
  3. My favourite drink is Champagne. In our family we use any excuse to open a bottle. A close second favourite drink is the cocktail. I have about 30 bottles of spirits and liqours in the house and every so often we bring back cocktail hour and I mix us up something nice. And once I’m on maternity leave, cocktail hour is going to be a regular thing.
  4. I like to think I read a lot. I in fact don’t. I have a stack of books by the bed which I always intend to read and never get around to. However cookbooks and food magazines are a whole other story. Can’t get enough of them!
  5. I detest background noise. Unless we are sitting down to watch television or listen to something important on the radio, I just hate background noise. If I’m cooking or doing laundry or simply getting ready in the mornings, I just prefer to hum to myself.
  6. I keep all my old food magazines. I have stacks of them in the living room and very rarely do I throw them out. I wish I could but every time I look at them, I find something new to inspire me.
  7. For most people coffee is something that they drink to give them energy or a boost. For me, it calms me down and helps me sleep. If I don’t have a coffee first thing in the morning, I’m hyper all day. These days however, coffee is but a dream, which probably explains why I can’t sleep at the moment.

I can’t nominate all the blogs I like, but here is a snapshot into what I am following these days:

The Straight Up

17 and Baking

The Gourmand Mom

124 Park

The Crafter’s Cottage

Much a Munch

Food on Fifth

Thank you to all of you for waiting patiently in my absence and for continuing to support and follow me. For all those that I follow and the few that I can nominate, I wish you all the success and luck and thank you for inspiring me.


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