The beginning….

So here goes folks, my very first blog and post!

I guess I should start with the reason as to why I’m here. My darling fiancé Damian, reminded me during our date night last Wednesday that my dream ever since starting my first job was to run or own my very own bar or cafe. Its easy to forget your goals and dreams as life gets in the way but he made me a deal… If I enter Masterchef  next year he’ll marry me that very same year. So of course I agreed. But I am not a chef! I do love to spend my evenings in the kitchen and to feed my friends and family but I consider myself just your average home cook. I then decided that to push myself to get to the point where I am comfortable to apply for a cookery show (eekk!!), I must really try to learn and create new recipes and be inspired again. So I would like to document this journey with food and hopefully someone is out there reading my story and can tell me what you think.

I am back from taking a short pause from writing my first post as Lawrence our kitten was curling at my legs, I had indeed been so excited to get this blog up and running that I forgot to feed him. And then of course I realised that I had also forgotten to feed myself and Damian too. So I looked in my fridge and guess what? I am a food blogger with nothing in my fridge! So as I want my blog to be real and honest and to represent the real me, my first item of food on this site shall be Sourdough bread toasted on the griddle pan, topped with a salad of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red and yellow pepper, red onion and feta, sprinkled with parmesan and drizzled with an olive oil, red wine vinegar and garlic dressing. It was surprisingly delicious and fresh and perfect for the warm summer nights we are having.


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